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Giving to LCNS

Libertyville Cooperative Nursery School is a not-for-profit and relies on fundraising resources for many of our operations. Donations are always tax deductible.

There are numerous opportunities to support the LCNS fundraising efforts throughout the year. Our dedicated Fundraising committee puts together dining nights out at local restaurants that benefit LCNS, classroom piggy bank competitions, and our ever popular Passport to Libertyville.

How Much Should I Give?

We are so grateful for any gift amount you wish to make! A suggested amount of any increment of $25 ($25, $50, $75, etc) is helpful to many donors, though the exact amount is entirely up to you! Below is a sample list, though not all-inclusive, of the ways in which LCNS uses your generous donation: 


  • Unique learning opportunities for our students, such as our weekly Mindful Movement program

  • Updated, current classroom materials for a rich variety of choice of play

  • Latest early childhood curricular tools to support all types of learners and state standards

  • Professional development opportunities for our staff

  • Upgraded technology

  • Scholarship program

  • Overhead costs to keep tuition accessible for all families

  • Future investments, such as a building fund

THANK YOU to our supportive and generous community. We truly couldn't do it without you!

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