Parent Involvement

A unique element of LCNS’ curriculum is that the participation of parents, grandparents, extended family or close friends of each student is integrated into the curriculum. This is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child, and to participate in an ongoing activity that is a significant part of their weekly routine.

When they come home and relate stories from class, you’ll have a context for what they are describing. Ongoing parent helper schedules are also published in the monthly newsletter to help facilitate trades, substitutions and timing adjustments, based on the most current assignments.

Regrettably, in the interest of the health of our students and staff, our parent helping component will be temporarily postponed. We look forward to a time when we can safely have parent helpers in classrooms. In the meantime we will have a schedule for parents to provide snacks for their child's class. 

Current families, parent snack schedules are found here: