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The eldest of my three children began attending LCNS almost 7 years ago and we haven't missed a year since. I feel extremely grateful for the warm and nurturing influence that has guided each one of them throughout their early childhood experience. The play based philosophy and family-like feel at LCNS left me feeing assured at drop off each morning. It takes a village to raise a child and the teachers, staff and families at Libertyville Cooperative Nursery School certainly have been there to not only educate, but provide a very supportive social emotional environment for my three children.

Melissa W.

LCNS Parent for 7 years

We are new to the area, and LCNS was recommended to us by a few neighbors. We were so happy we decided to send our son to the 4s program as well as the Tu/Th Enrichment days. His teachers displayed enthusiasm every day and were so kind and positive. I loved being able to receive detailed feedback about how he was adjusting to a new school and new friends. His teachers were honest and always available to give that feedback to us.

Another thing LCNS offers is parent coffee once a month. It was very useful to hear about different topics from experts such as potty training, financial planning for your little one(s), and fitting in time to exercise when you're a busy mom (family). My son was able to grow tremendously academically, socially, and emotionally. He loved going everyday, and we look forward to sending our 2 year old next year.

Kelly S.

LCNS Parent for 1 year

We have three children who have made their way through the Libertyville Cooperative Nursery School. Our oldest started in 2007 and our youngest graduates in 2016. We will miss the wonderful teaching present at every level of the co-op (play-based preschool is the best approach – my kids STILL love to learn new things!). But we will also miss the sense of community that comes with the gift of being a part of our children’s first school experience.  I would (and have) recommend LCNS to anyone who wants to be a part of their child’s education – not only at the preschool level, but at the next levels as well!

Allison M.

LCNS Parent for 9 years

One of our favorite things about LCNS is the aspect of parental involvement in the classroom. In our family, “Parent Helper Day” is special for both my son and I. He enjoys all of the special jobs he gets at home and at school, and I love the opportunity to be a part of his school day, watching him learn and grow.

Tricia J.

LCNS Parent for 5 years

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